When it comes to getting in shape for your wedding, you have to make sure you do everything right. There’s only a few months to go and, if you miss it, it’s over. But when it comes to losing a few pounds for your big day so you can feel confident, there are STILL critical fitness mistakes I see grooms making that kill their results.

And instead of showing up to their wedding feeling great, they arrive feeling worried about their belly or stuck in self-doubt.

We at GroomBuilder want to share with you the biggest mistakes and show you EXACTLY what to do instead — that way, you can avoid anything less than the best.

This is what we’ve learned from YEARS of training guys and helping them get the body they want. Read along and take notes. Results will follow.


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Groom Fitness Mistake #1: Relying On Cardio

Often, when a guy wants to lose weight before his wedding, he’ll say something like, “I need to do more cardio.” But it’s WAY more than just that. Traditional steady-state cardio — like jogging on a treadmill — sucks for fat loss. (1) It doesn’t burn THAT many calories and (2) it does nothing to change how your body looks underneath your fat (i.e. your muscle).

If you REALLY want to lose stubborn belly fat and transform your body, start lifting weights. First, a tough 45-minute workout with weights will burn A LOT of calories. Second, it will help you add muscle so you’ll lose weight AND get more definition. Third, with more muscle, you’ll actually burn more calories outside of the gym.

Lift weights at least 2 times per week and train for at least 30 minutes.


Groom Fitness Mistake #2: Not Getting Stronger

You have to get stronger if you want to change your body quickly. When you go on a diet, your body tends to lose muscle; prevent that by lifting weights and lifting hard and heavy.

I’m not talking about doing bicep curls with 40lb dumbbells; I’m talking about doing squats, deadlifts, military presses, bench presses, pushups, pullups, and rows. These exercises will help you add A LOT of muscle because they stimulate a big hormonal response. Also, use lower rep ranges (ex. 4 – 6) so you can use heavier weights.


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Groom Fitness Mistake #3: Not Sleeping Enough

This mistake alone can change your life. In this modern era, people sometimes take pride in how well they function without sleep. (The reality is you might just be accustomed to performing POORLY.)

But when you don’t get enough sleep, you CANNOT lose as much fat, regardless of your diet or training. In fact, poor sleep quantity is associated with higher BMI and larger waistlines as well as health problems ranging from moderate to serious.

When you get 8 hours of quality sleep each night, however, you’ll transform the way you feel AND look. You’ll recover faster from your workouts, you’ll build more muscle while you sleep, and you’ll burn more fat too.

Prioritize sleep. Sleep in a dark, cool room; the earlier you sleep, the better.


Groom Fitness Mistake #4: You’re Not Tracking What You Eat

Food journals can help you lose weight. First, they show you exactly what you’re putting into your body; that way, you’ll see where unwanted calories are coming from. Second, they’ll help you stay accountable so you can make better food choices. (Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh even found that all studies about food journaling were associated with weight loss.)

Keep a journal of what you eat and drink everyday. An easy way is to take pictures of your food and start a photo journal.


Groom Fitness Mistake #5: You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

This might seem counterintuitive: If you want to lose weight, why should you eat more protein? Well, protein is critical for fat loss. Your body actually uses more energy to digest protein — thus, by eating more of it, you’ll increase your calorie burn all day. Protein also helps you maintain muscle mass while shedding body fat and keeps you feeling full.

Eat at least 1g of protein per pound of lean bodyweight while dieting. Also, choose good sources like lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and quality protein powders (for when you’re in the gym).


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And there you have it: 5 huge fitness mistakes and how to defeat them. By the time you get to your wedding, you’ll feel amazing and look awesome for the love of your life.

If want specific workout and diet advice, visit GroomBuilder and sign up for your FREE 5-day email course that teaches you how to transform your body for your wedding day. Our team has been featured at GQ, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness.

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